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So many of the people I know carry a longing to run away from the everyday world of work and relationships. Perhaps that’s why this quote from poet John Keats grabbed my attention?

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.

Beloved, you can be a monk whenever you want. Close your eyes, exhale, and resort to your imagination. Voila, monkhood!

This is the sacred workshop we all have wherein we create the next great adventure of our lives. It’s where you establish your new normal.

So, what’ll it be, O Monk? What’s your new normal for 2016?

Seeds XVIII, 2

What We See[d]

DUrban shaman Donna Henes is my friend and my ongoing inspiration. This first Seed of the New Year was inspired by her, with the addition of one letter. Donna wrote:

What we see is what we get.

And so, of course, I saw it as: What we see[d] is what we get.

And both are true as can be.

Do you have to see it (whatever it is) to seed it? Or do you have to seed it to see it?

Sure, yes, either, both. Whichever way works for you.

The thing is to focus on the end not the process. See. Seed. Yep, both are process. What we get is what matters here because what we get, whether we like this or not, is what we have seen and seeded, so whaddaya want for this bright New Year?

See it. Seed it. Seed it. See it. You can have whatever it is.

Blessed 2016!

Seeds XVIII, 1



A Sentiment for Blazing

A stunning New Year’s poem by Danielle LaPorte …



close your calendars
of regret
smash clocks and barriers
with your better knowing
throw soft light on
the doom clingers